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Delivered By
Lori Brenneman
Delivered On
December 27, 2015

An orphan spirit can reside over an individual person, over a
church, over a city, over a region, or even over a nation. And
wherever an orphan heart holds sway, whether individually
or corporately, people get up every day feeling like they
don’t belong. They do not feel accepted. They have little
sense of being valued, honored, or loved. Their lives are
defined by their perceived need to perform in order to be
approved and affirmed.

My cat story. Noticing the ups and downs in our
walk with God.

We do not understand the character of God,
because we all have become spiritual orphans in
some way or another. So we chase after what we
see everyone else getting instead of forming our
own opinion. Desiring a relationship but never
having one because we are afraid of what it might
cost us.

Four types of Orphans:
The Lost Sheep--Entanglement -- Luke 15:4-7
a combination of ignorance, naïve rebellion or
enticed curiosity. It gets lost and for some reason
cannot make its way back, perhaps entangled and
ensnared. It is lost and confused; maybe it does
not even know the danger that is prowling,
“searching for someone to devour.” It is easy prey
The Lost Coin – Wounding --Luke 15:8-10
coins might be lost for many reasons. Maybe it was
considered worthless— dropped and never picked up again
or missed; maybe it was neglected; maybe it was the victim
of purposeful abuse. Where the coin ends up when it is lost
is a place that is dark, hidden and probably filthy or unclean.
People just walk past, unwilling to stoop and pick it up.
The Prodigal Son – Sin--Luke 15:11-24
The Prodigal Son openly rebelled, lived in sin and suffered
torment. He lost his perspective, his “senses.” He went
farther than he planned, stayed longer than he wanted, and it
cost him more than he could afford. It ruined him. Wanted
what he could get from God
The Older Brother – UnGodly beliefs --Luke 15:25-32
older brother was unable to come into both intimate
relationship with his Father and enjoyment of his inheritance
because of his performance orientation. belief: his false
beliefs about his relationship to God (“ son”), his own lack
of intimate relationship (“ you have always been with me”)
and his inability to enjoy the inheritance (“ all that I have is
yours”). Served God out of duty
When you possess an orphan heart, you never
truly feel at home anywhere. You are afraid to
trust, afraid of rejection, and afraid to open up
your heart to receive love. And unless you are able
to receive love, you cannot unconditionally
express love, even to your own family.
Being saved doesn't automatically mean feeling
secure, loved, and accepted as a son or daughter of

How do we become orphans
1. We begin seeing fault in the authority figures
in our lives, and become disappointed and
discouraged. So we lose basic trust in that
Basic trust is the ability to risk being real and
vulnerable, to keep your heart open even when
it hurts rather than close off your spirit.
2. We stop receiving anything from others.
(love, comfort, correction) And we close off our
spirit. We become hard hearted, and rebelious.
3. We take on an independent self-reliant
attitude, and begin controlling our
relationships. (anger or apathy), relationships
become superficial.
4. We receive the lie that no one will be there to
meet our needs. We believe that we will have to
argue, wrangle, and fight for anything we want
to accomplish in life. – love becomes
performance based.
5. We begin chasing counterfiet affections:
Possession, Position, Porformance, People,
Place, Passion (Jack Frost, Spritual Slavery to
Spiritual Sonship)
6. Orphan Spirit – life for us becomes an
oppressive mix of tension, agitation, anger,
bitterness, restlessness, and frustration that can
eventually lead to depression.

Understanding the Character of God
“God is love. When we take up permanent residence in a life
of love, we live in God and God lives in us. This way, love
has the run of the house, becomes at home and mature in
us.” (1 John 4: 17-18, TM).
Love is....1 Corinthians 13
Jesus represents the will of God, the Holy Spirit represents
the Emotions of God
The only thing the father feels about you is a deep love and
desire to teach you and comfort you by his word, and his
spirit. And to cultivate a will of perfect obedience to his
Gods DNA is love, but grace is what flows from his heart.
He sent Jesus, and then he sent the Holy Spirit.
1. John 8:27-31
I do nothing on my own but what the father has taught
Freedom is perfect obedience to the will of God for our
lives – it says I choose to be who I am no matter what odds
are stacked against me.
2. We choose Love. The Great Commandment
comes before the great Commission.
When we don't have a relationship first we are in
danger of becoming focused upon doing, duty,
and striving.
3. Stop focusing on doing and Start
Being.....Martha, and Mary
4. learn obedience to authority
In the days of His flesh, He offered up both
prayers and supplications with loud crying and
tears to the One able to save Him from death, and
He was heard because of His piety. Although He
was a Son, He learned obedience from the
things which He suffered. And having been
made perfect, He became to all those who obey
Him the source of eternal salvation (Hebrews 5: 7-
9 NAS).
5. Accepting his plan and purpose for your life.
The life of an overcomer
We overcome by the blood of the lamb and the
word of our testimony and not loving our lives
unto death.