Supernatural Prosperity Pt. 3
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Delivered By
Daryl Boucher
Delivered On
October 29, 2017 at 5:00 PM

Holy Ghost is qualified to lead me into all truth. 

Humility or pride. I choose. 

Tonight: from natural wealth to supernatural wealth. 

I’m not afraid of being wrong, but I don’t want to stay that way. 

The body of Christ wants freedom, yet they keep resisting. It doesn’t work that way. Resistance brings bondage. 

John 8... the truth makes me free. I am free. Deception is that I’m bound and limited. The level of freedom I’m currently walking is determined by the level of truth I’m walking in. 

Everyone on the planet is deceived, otherwise we’d be totally free. Just need the truth revealed. 

If part of my life doesn’t look like Jesus I need to take accountability and find the truth of the matter. The purpose of truth is to make me free, so I know it’s going to confront bondage and deception. 

Romans 10... how can they believe unless they hear? And it’s still a choice to believe even after I hear. 

Hearing something contradictory is offering a different way to believe. I just need to see if it lines up with the Word. Then, am I willing to put down my last thought pattern? 

The biggest miracle that ever happens to you is salvation. It’s easy. What else should be that easy?

Mark 4:20

30, 60, 100 fold

Romans 12:20

Three levels of the will of God: good, acceptable, and perfect. I get transformed by renewing my mind. If I stop at a certain level I can plateau at the good will of God and not go any further. To go to the perfect will of God I’ve got to challenge myself and continue renewing my mind. The highest is a lifestyle of heaven, not just an experience, or a glimpse. My mind is the only thing in my way, it’s not on God. 

1 Kings 17... drought... provided for the prophet by the brook with Ravens...the brook dried up...sent him to the widow woman who was about to eat her last meal and die...prophet said give it to me first...”selfish preacher” sustained them up to a year. 

At the brook half of his source was natural and half supernatural. Then God weaned him and sent him where it was all supernatural. 

The supernatural is natural in heaven. It should be our natural way to do things in the Kingdom. 

We need to expose ourselves to supernatural abundance. Challenge our unbelief. It’s called growing pains. 

His creation cries out of His abundance. 

Philippians 4:19

His riches, not mine. In glory, not on the earth. By Jesus, not me. 

What does His abundance look like? Examples: children of Israel with Egypt’s spoils, Solomon’s temple, etc...

God is an excessive God. He’s extreme. 

Are there examples in the Word of supernatural supply? Fishes and loaves. Widow with oil and meal. 

He’s the God of more than enough. 

We don’t have a problem with healing, a new heart, lung, etc... manifesting out of thin air. Why do we have a problem with cash manifesting? 

God is a good God. He wants us to be free from this world. 

New tread on tires, gold teeth, new teeth, gemstones, etc... Why would God do something like that? We’ve got to get used to it. 

If I’m just looking for a greater natural avenue, then I’m cutting God of from what He really wants to do. 

Twenty foot purple gorillas running around Alaskan tundra. Why not? 

We get so trained to be “no” people instead of “yes” people. We need to know our Father’s heart and that defines things for us along with His Word. 

Genesis 8:22

Sowing and reaping law instituted. Tied to the earth. All of us can partake of sowing and reaping, including sinner and saint. 

Because it’s tied to the earth it’s also possible to be corrupted. Matthew 6:19-20. 

You can put your money in a higher treasury system that’s tied to the system of heaven that you can actually withdraw it here. It’s not needed in heaven. 

Matthew 5:17... another whole dimension of fullness. A higher law that governs the others. 

Romans 8:32, 2 Peter... already given me all things. So what’s up with tithes and sowing and reaping? Romans 8:2... law of spirit and life in Christ Jesus. A higher law through grace that only Christians can partake of. 

Genesis 3:17-18

Curse of the fall. 

Isaiah 55:8-13

Higher ways, higher thoughts. The very things that used to be obstacles aren’t resisting me any more. Reversing the curse through the Word. 

Amos 9:11-13

Reconciling natural to supernatural. Higher law. 

Need and supply cannot co-exist. I identify with one or the other. 

Colossians 1:16-22

Reconciled it all. Sin made things out of order. Jesus put it all right again. 

If I only tithe or sow with a needs based mentality, that’s all I’m going to produce. We need to identify with supply as kings and priests on the earth. 

2 Corinthians 5:16-20

Something happened with Jesus when He came out with resurrection power that they didn’t recognize Him. Even though he was sinless before, the resurrected form was much more powerful. There is a re-created you that looks so different than the you now. Now I get to be the steward of reconciliation. 

I’m wholly reconciled, spirit, soul, and body. 

I can’t act as a conduit of heaven if I see myself as a sinner. I have to identify myself as righteousness. I can’t steward it unless I identify with supply.. whether it be salvation, healing, or money. 

His plan is that I can lay hands on anything and see it prosper. But, I have to identify with supply and not need. 

God wants the church to be a greater influence on the earth. 

The context of my need will never be big enough to hold His supply. I have to get out of the need mindset.