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Delivered By
Daryl Boucher
Delivered On
July 20, 2016

Prayer: communicating into the spirit realm. 

God has the power, we have the authority.

The purpose of His redemptive work is to bring us up to His limitlessness. Why would He limit himself down to a finite being? Is God waiting for us to get more mature to bless those around us the way He wants?

If I want the depth, I have to hold my breath long enough to get down there.

The last discourse Jesus had with his disciples the night He was taken: John 14:12--14. Unlimited. John 15:16. Whatever. John 16:23-24. Limitless. Matthew 17:19-20. Nothing is impossible. Little faith; mustard seed.

John 6...the response wasn't good after Jesus' hard saying. He didn't dilute it down or give an illustration. Many left.

Mark 9:23. All things possible to him who believes.

God is not training me to pay my rent. He's training me to rule over nations. Who will be faithful over His unlimited business?

Mark 10:23-24. Astonished because they themselves were rich; v 25-27 even more astonished. Kingdom is impossible for man, but possible with God.

Am I choosing in my prayer life to pray the impossible prayers?

What is the reference for impossibility? 1 Corinthians 2:6-13. Mature prayer walk through Holy Spirit; v 9 pray unknown from my heart. How does it get there? I have to see it and hear it. I have to have the mind of Christ. Takes time. We tend to speak out of fear, control, or manipulation. V 13, gets into my heart by me speaking it out of my mouth.

Eternal realm designs everything. Takes humility to not allow our control mechanisms to take over.

Doctrine can come out of frustration to justify who we are.

In order to walk in limitless prayer we've got to conquer the seduction of limitation.

Is God big enough that He's not intimidated by my prayer life?

The Word never contradicts itself. Until we understand it we must always default to God's character.

How can I possibly go to prayer in faith with all of the "what-ifs?"

Unless He does the impossible, He gets no glory. 

Free prayer life. Dislodge questions.

John 4:19-23. Rivers of living water available. Something coming, and now is. You get to choose. Humble yourself to let it be today.

Challinge: 1 John 5:14-15. No punctuation in Greek. Move the comma - after anything, according to His will He hears us. This is our Father. Confidence is in Him, not in my ability to know His will.

Do we have Biblical example of God answering prayer that is not His will?

1 Samual 8. People called for a king. Answered supernaturally. Not His will. 

Why? Because He's love. He doesn't seek His own. 1 Corinthians 13.

Matthew 26. Jesus could have asked for legions of angels, God would have done it, wasn't His will.

Luke 15. Prodigal son, heart of the Father, knew he was going to blow it, gave it anyway.

The reason we have a problem with this is because we don't have the power to redeem.

Challenge the comforts of limitation that put us in a box. He's unlimited in every way.

Discipline/correction from the Father is like the rumble strips on the side of the road, not speed bumps. He'll let us go off the road, even gas up the car. His redemption is so complete He can make it look like it never happened.