Co- Pastor

Julie Petersen

Julie is a co-founder along with her husband, Pastor Bob, at LFMC.  They have been ministering together for 30 years. 
Alongside Bob,  she ministers through preaching, teaching, and training leaders in ministry in recent years. Her gift for prophetic ministry in song and piano has been an added supplement to the many years of ministry they have spent helping hungry and hurting people. Through the ministry of music, she has been able to bring healing to hearts sometimes without a spoken word. 
Together with speaking and prophetic music ministry, her heartbeat for prayer and intercession for the lost and scattered have also been a driving force for her calling.  She inspires others to follow that same example in prayer and spending intimate time with the Holy Spirit to experience His healing presence.
Julie & her husband, Pastor Bob Petersen, are the parents of four boys; Micah, Caleb, Seth, & Levi. They also have three daughter-in-laws, Madi, who is married to Micah, Brittany, who is married to Caleb, and Daniela, who is married to Levi.
  October 2020  
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